Application Development


Many organizations are faced with a backlog of applications from internal and external users. Auburn Montgomery Outreach offers access to a pool of experienced developers for short or long-term projects. We are experts in development languages, tools, and platforms including web development, database development, and mobile applications.

Let us assist you in the following areas of expertise.

.Net Application Development

We provide a wealth of experience in .Net application development by improving the interoperability of current and new systems. Building on a solid Microsoft .Net framework allows your organization to create productive applications enhancing your business operations while maintaining the ability to communicate with internal or external applications. 

Our developers specialize in the development of applications using the following programs:

  • ASP.Net
  • C#
  • MVC
  • SQL

Creating web-based applications will allow your organization and clients to access applications through the internet regardless of the hardware or operating system. In turn, your organization will enhance customer experience and gain operational efficiencies with information easily accessible to your organization’s stakeholders - customers, partners, and suppliers.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications allow you to extend your organizations abilities cost effectively by taking advantage of low-cost devices that can be used in the field.  

Mobile Applications also allow you to extend services to your clients anytime, anywhere.  Our focus is to provide you with applications that are user-friendly at optimum speed and performance. You will be provided support through all stages of the design process to ensure the resulting application will not only meet, but exceed your customers’ expectations.  

We develop custom applications for the following devices.  

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Android phones
  • Android tablets

Website Design and Development

In today's competitive market, businesses need a website. No matter the size or industry of your business, a professionally designed website that can help increase visibility, promote awareness and establish credibility for your business. Being a business owner requires a hands-on approach but when it comes to web design and development, Auburn Montgomery Outreach can partner with you to provide these services so that you can continue to focus on your business.

We provide creative web design and development solutions that bring you and your customers a great user experience. The process is simple but effective – it starts with our team actively listening to your needs and learning about what goals you are trying to achieve. Secondly, we develop web solutions designed to propel your business towards success. And finally, when the solutions are implemented, we design and build out your digital front door. Most importantly, we keep you updated at every stage of process.

Check out some of our past work with just a few of our clients.

Cloud Services

Maintaining mission-critical technology onsite is expensive and time-consuming. Auburn Montgomery Outreach can assist in transitioning your business to the cloud. By utilizing cloud technology, you can allocate more of your budget for other business priorities by making monthly expenses affordable and predictable.

Auburn Montgomery Outreach's cloud service experts can move your applications and data to our Cloud Data Center safely and securely. The Cloud Data Center and networks are continuously monitored and have up-to-date protection to safeguard against ever-emerging threats.

There are many benefits in using cloud services.

  • Efficient consolidation and standardization of your IT environment
  • Meeting growing demands for users and customers
  • Speeding time to market of new applications and services
  • Significantly lowering energy consumption
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