Strategic IT Management


Organizations are constantly challenged with the management of a broad portfolio of information technology (IT) resources. At Auburn Montgomery Outreach, we research your organization, assess the technology and business environment, and provide strategic alternatives to accurately address your current and future IT needs.

Our areas of expertise include the following services:

IT Project Management

IT Project Management has emerged as its own field, supported by a body of knowledge and research across many disciplines with recognized professional certification.  Although information technology is becoming more reliable, faster and less expensive; the costs, complexities, and risks of IT projects continue to increase.  

Widely cited reports and studies reflect the majority of IT projects are either canceled or completed over budget and/or over schedule and did not meet the original specifications. Failure can be attributed to many factors but most could have been easily managed. Organizations must recognize information technology as an investment to be managed and not just an expense to be controlled.  

New methods of IT project management embrace the socio-technical approach and view the implementation of new IT systems as planned organizational change. We have extensive experience in the management of complex information technology projects.  The Advanced Technologies team at Auburn Montgomery Outreach has more than 40 years of experience in the field of information technology. They understand the broad scope of challenges that face your organization on a daily basis in the implementation of IT systems and applications.  

Let us help you manage your information technology projects by enhancing the project’s success with the application of proven project management methodologies.

Business Process Simulation
Business Process Simulation (BPS) is an approach aimed at making improvements by means of elevating efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes that exist within and across organizations. The key to BPS is for organizations to look at their business processes from a "clean slate" perspective and determine how they can best construct these processes to improve how they conduct business. Organizations must recognize that their success or failure is dependent on the efficiency of their business processes. BPS does not always involve technology, but technology can often be a driver. 

Business Process Simulation describes the organization in a structured, systems-like manner from different perspectives, such as the organizational structure, processes, staff, and resources, taking into consideration how they interact together. This quantitative approach provides the opportunity for organizations to systematically enhance the efficiency and quality of their operations while typically recognizing significant cost savings. This effort can often be described as business transformation.

Auburn Montgomery Outreach has extensive experience in Business Process Simulation (BPS) and the integration of complex information technology systems. The Advanced Technologies team has a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between IT and organizational change with the capability to solve problems and improve organizational performance. We can customize our approach to your organization’s specific needs.

Let us help you perform comprehensive business process re-engineering to enhance the efficiency and quality of your organization using proven Business Process Simulation methodologies.

IT Strategic Planning

How will you know when you get there if you don’t know where you are going?

All successful organizations must clearly articulate their vision, goals, and objectives as a function of their organizational mission. Strategic planning is an important method to look into the future to identify risks and opportunities and develop the strategic direction of the organization. IT strategic planning assists in ensuring the technology infrastructure and services support the mission of the organization. 

IT strategic planning is a collaborative process involving organizational stakeholders and technology professionals in sessions designed to better understand the future direction of the organization and how technology can enable the organization to be successful. Each organization is unique; therefore, each strategic plan should be unique as well, and should be exclusively written for an organization’s specific mission.

Auburn Montgomery Outreach has extensive experience in the facilitation and development of comprehensive IT strategic planning. The Advanced Technologies team has more than 40 years of experience in the field of information technology and understands the IT challenges that face organizations, large or small, on a daily basis.

Let us help you develop an IT strategic plan for your organization so you will not only know where you are going, but know when you've arrived and how well the process went.

IT Procurement

Government agencies are faced with the need to acquire various types of technology services including infrastructure, application development, and consulting.  Citizens of these state and local governments expect an open, equitable, and unbiased bid process as a means to enhance the trust of government. The development of service requirements and solicitation instruments are critical to the successful procurement of vital technology services.  

Understanding the many facets of state and local government procurement requirements and statutory oversight requirements can be an overwhelming effort for any agency - large or small.  The development and coordination of a solicitation effort can be time-consuming and disruptive to normal operations.  A major procurement effort can divert critical staff away from their daily support roles.

Auburn Montgomery Outreach can assist your government agency by partnering in any or all of the process phases or by acting as an overall procurement coordinator for the project.

The benefits of using our team in IT procurement process include the following: 

  • Proven request for proposal (RFP) construct and terminology
  • Proven procurement methodology
  • Extensive procurement planning
  • Practical evaluation methodology
  • Neutral third-party management of evaluation process and instruments
  • Primary vendor contact
  • Extensive experience in public sector technology procurement
  • Open and impartial evaluation process

We have extensive knowledge and experience in all phases of the procurement process. Initially, we’ll perform a comprehensive analysis of the agency’s current infrastructure and IT organization.  Based on this analysis, we’re able to assist the agency in development of the scope of services required and solutions that best meet the agency needs. 

The Advanced Technologies team at Auburn Montgomery Outreach can develop complex solicitation instruments such as invitation-to-bid (ITB), requests-for-information (RFI), and requests-for-proposals (RFP) for technology services. These procurement instruments are designed to be comprehensive in defining the contractual expectations and scope of services required.

Additionally, these instruments are designed using a structured methodology to ensure an unbiased evaluation and selection process. We can develop evaluation criteria and facilitate the evaluation of the responses using agency evaluation teams.  Finally, we can assist the agency in the formal negotiation of IT services using industry best practices.

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